Lean thinking and continuous improvement techniques are now so widespread, nearly every organisation has experience of them.
Despite being applied around the world in nearly every sector, most organisations follow a predictable improvement path (first trying out various improvement tools, next developing subject matter experts, then chasing accreditation and setting up corporate functions).
The problem is that this approach is fundamentally flawed, even the so called experts that have been on the journey for decades still struggle. And end up:
  • Applying the wrong improvement techniques at the wrong time (action without performance improvement).
  • Organisations and their teams are unable to fix problems and improve (end up living with Firefighting and disruption).
  • Leaders, Managers and Supervisors are unable to play their role and turn around underperforming teams.
But, worst of all is that management fail to learn how to effectively lead in an improvement environment

Only after I ‘zoomed out’ and created a complete ‘A-Z system’ that covers every step required for leaders to create a highly effective improvement culture and sky rocket performance, driving results through the system, did we get results. And the results were crazy.

Our High Performing Individuals stage lays down the foundation for improving performance throughout your business.
Each step fits together like a puzzle, if you’re on the wrong improvement approach, are unable to fix problems, don’t have an understanding of the thinking behind the techniques or don’t spend time on the right things then kaizen, mapping, strategy deployment and other improvement techniques will fail - Fast.

1. Right Improvement Approach

How organisations and their business leaders get clarity on the exact steps required to create an highly effective improvement culture and mobilise the organisation.

2. Underlying PDCA Thinking

Discover the underlying thinking that makes lean and continuous improvement techniques work.

3. Management Standardised Work

How to align the work of front-line supervision and management with value adding work and consistently get the right things done., without tasks Piling up
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Stage 2: High Performing Teams
This is where the rubber hits the road, first we’ll help your teams surface and fix problems while there are small driving an increase in performance, consistency and time. Then we’ll get to work streamlining processes with our Point & System Kaizen and lastly we’ll help leaders and managers drive improvement through their teams by customising our Perfect Leadership Routines.

4. Lean Management System

How to build lean and PDCA thinking into daily work routines, tackling problems early and turning underperforming teams into robust high performers.

5. Point & System Kaizen

How to develop capable, achievable, repeatable and highly effective processes.

6. Perfect Leadership Routines

How leaders apply highly effective routines to increase the speed, effectiveness and traction of continuous improvement.
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Stage 3: High Performing Organisations
In our final stage we look to future proof the organisation and lock in changes, by making sure that new products and services are born Lean and highly efficient, that we develop future leaders quicker and with the right skills so that they can help their teams become successful and align the organisation with effective strategic plans.

7. New Product & Services

How to ensure that new products and services are already lean, capable and highly efficient at the time of launch and not lock in cost, bad design and inefficiencies.

8. High Talent Pipeline

How to develop employees and new leaders quicker, with the right skills so that they consistently deliver, fix any problems and continuously improve performance.

9. Strategy Planning & Execution

How business leaders discover, prove and align the organisation around the vitals few things needed to move the organisation forward.
New! Perfect Leadership Routines: the one page framework that helps leaders, managers and front-line supervision treble their value, without excessive hours, drama and burnout.


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