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Darren Walsh

Hey folks this is Darren Walsh, Director & Coach with Making Lean Work. 
I created this system to help leaders and managers in multi-site organisations like you create highly effective improvement culture’s and skyrocket business performance!
When I started in the business improvement space, I was overwhelmed and frustrated by all the improvement tools, jargon, different approaches and making change stick.
After spending years, on every course and benchmarking visit that I could get my hands on and hiring some of the best improvement experts from around the world. I realised that instead of consistently crushing performance goals, too many organisations and their teams were actually going backwards!
The more they tried to do, the less they got done!

Only after I ‘zoomed out’ and created a complete ‘A-Z system’ that covers every step required for leaders to create a highly effective improvement culture and sky rocket performance, driving results through the system, did we get results. And the results were crazy.

I discovered that whilst nearly every organisation tries to improve performance, most struggle with:


Knowing what improvement techniques they should apply when, where
and how (They don’t have a clear path and get confused by all the
improvement techniques, accreditation and so called experts).


Organisations and their teams are unable to fix problems and improve
(Firefighting is often the norm).


Leaders, Managers and Supervisors are unable to play their role and turn
around underperforming teams.

Leading Organisational Excellence

'Leading Organisational Excellence' is a simple to follow system that works for virtually every business leader and their organisations.
Unlike most courses, consultants and certification that only add a single piece of the puzzle – often leaving you more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than before you started (As well as the significant investment in both time and money often hundreds of thousand).
‘Leading Organisational Excellence’ is the complete jigsaw, that helps leaders develop:

High Performance Individuals

To support the organisations improvement journey, leaders need to commit to changing themselves, learning the thinking behind the improvement techniques and creating habit and deep understanding by spending time on the right things.

High Performance Team Leaders

Build improvement routines into daily work routines and help every one of your teams win and become successful. Fixing a greater amount of problems at source and freeing up time to further improve performance.

High Performance Organisation

Shape the long term success of your organisations with better decision making, people development and strategic execution.

The Book

Over the years, I have been asked countless times by business leaders how they can:
Fix stubborn recurring problems and streamline processes
Turn underperforming teams into robust high performers
Establish a highly effective improvement culture
And what they needed to do differently to ensure that strategic improvement actions make a real difference to the business…
I’ve seen leaders and managers across numerous sectors frustrated by their business performance and witnessed hundreds of teams who struggled to solve problems.
Some, even involved ambulances being regularly called out to deal with the stresses of business, whilst many others had already resulted in personnel changes in hope that someone else could solve the issues.
It’s time we ended these struggles, but here I even struggled to recommend a good book that went beyond the improvement techniques and helped leaders learn to recognise and overcome the improvement pitfalls. Until now...


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